Dining Tables at Blu Peter Homestore

Over the past few years, design trends have changed significantly and integrating a rustic piece of furniture into a space has become all the rage.

Today’s rustic style focuses on blending rugged materials with luxurious finishing touches, and there is no easier way to achieve this look than incorporating a recycled wood dining table into your modern space.

The same way that each person's fingerprint is unique, so are tables created from recycled wood. You never have two tables or chairs that are exactly the same and the variations in colour tone and signs of it’s former life only adds to its character and appeal.

How can a dining table bring a unique and personal look to my dining room?

A dining table crafted from recycled Elm wood will be exquisitely blonde in tone and every nuance of the wood's grain and marks will be seen, making it one of a kind.

A recycled teak wood table is naturally resilient to water, termites and rot and is relatively low maintenance. This makes it the perfect table for both inside and out.

At Blu Peter, all our tables are handcrafted and exude flawless craftsmanship that is simply unmatched. Our artisans can also customize the length of your table to fit your space.

Our Dining Table Range

Find the perfect dining room table to create your beautiful dining room space.