The Blu Peter Story

From coast to desert & everything in between.

“When you walk in to a home you want to feel a sense of the owners, nuances of who they are and the warmth of their familiarity.”

Adri-Ann has been immersed in the beauty of personal space all her life. Growing up with an architect father and interior designer mother, cutting-edge homes with personalized interiors have been a constant for her. Even family holidays started with her mother enlisting her help to rearrange their rented homes to ensure the aesthetics were just right.

Growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa has also influenced her approach to interiors. The African landscape and culture have brought an appreciation for textures, natural woods and colours from the earth, sea and sky. Today, these all play a part in her design philosophy for her store Blu Peter. You can also experience this approach in her Gnarabup Bay holiday house, also called Blu Peter.

“My furniture is all about texture,” says Adri-Ann. “Mix it with a little bit of gloss, a little distressed look, a little tactility on the wall. It’s about exciting, but not overwhelming, the senses. That’s what I love about the pieces I am sourcing from my homeland, plus places such as Mexico and the Philippines. They have a tactility and form that bring instant soul to a space, and they can morph your look or adapt to existing decors depending on how you use it.”

Adri-Ann hasn’t always made design her business, however. She worked in the chemical industry and dabbled with design before moving to Australia 11 years ago with her husband Rob and daughter Cam. Here, she decided to seriously pursue her passion. The family traveled for five months throughout Australia to find the city they wanted to settle in, and Perth was it.

“The indoor-outdoor lifestyle, modern-but-relaxed feel of the city and diverse natural landscape – from coast to desert and everything in between – evoked the lifestyle we wanted,” says Adri-Ann. “Plus, of course, it suits the furniture I love and can now share with the people of Perth.”