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Blu Peter

Baba Tree De-Engo Art Basket

Baba Tree De-Engo Art Basket

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In the Gurune language of Ghana's Upper East Region, "De-engo" means 'a meeting of chiefs' These affairs usually take place with great colour and fanfare which includes a lot of talking and, of course, cultural music accompanied by dancing.

Our weaver has captured the feeling of these occasions beautifully in the twist and turns of the piece which are accompanied by a marvelous use of colour.

This basket is Exclusive to the Baba Tree and is one of a kind. This artisan piece of work would, of course, appeal to the discerning buyer.

Where, in your opinion, would this beautiful basket fit in your house?

This basket is HUGE so be sure to check the size.

Dimensions: H: 60cm x D: 55cm

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