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Blu Peter

Borneo Antique Dayak Bags

Borneo Antique Dayak Bags

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Dayak is the name applied to a number of very different peoples  living on the island of Kalimantan, but also elsewhere. They share some common characteristics. They live in longhouses, situated mostly on navigable rivers. They were rice farmers, living simple lives, but staging large religious ceremonies, which involved large feasts.

Kalimantan sits on the equator, so little clothing is necessary. Everyday Dayak clothing consisted of a loincloth for men and a short skirt or two apron-skirts for women. Inside they wore a headband and outside a hat. Both men and women wore a jacket for semi-formal events. Children were mostly naked, but girls may have worn a modesty plaque suspended from a string.

These bags are antique and are beautifully embroidered. Use on hook to complement any interior.


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