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Classic Namji Dolls

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$100.00 - $295.00
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Made in Cameroon by blacksmiths from the Namji tribe, these dolls are originally unadorned and used as playthings for young girls. Upon reaching puberty the doll becomes a fertility doll and is dressed in beads, shells, coins and other trinkets and are cared for as though a real child. Characterised by a narrow trunk and head, these dolls form a striking geometric design as they are handmade each one is unique, varying in adornment, jewellery and characteristics.

Doll 1 H: 37cm
Doll 2 H: 28cm
Doll 3 H: 64cm
Doll 4 H: 84cm
Doll 5 H: 64cm
Doll 6 H: 48cm
Doll 7 H: 44cm
Doll 8 H: 38cm
Doll 9 H: 48cm
Doll 10 H: 48cm
Doll 11 H: 45cm
Doll 12 H: 33cm