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Blu Peter

Lantern Rattan Pendant

Lantern Rattan Pendant

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The stunning natural rattan-made signature pendant light is meticulously handcrafted to drastically improve the elegance of a home or commercial ambiance. The entire shade is handwoven by our artisans using traditional basket-making techniques creating such a unique and timeless design. The light and airy weave style evoke an inviting feeling and generously diffuses light to your room.

Vietnam has been very well-known for its abundant natural bamboo, rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth as well as the traditional craftsmanship with premium quality and skills that have been passed down throughout generations. Each year countless people flock to Vietnam to explore its hidden culture. Grab a handmade piece by a Vietnamese artisan and you will be able to see so much of the embedded country’s culture and history.

Shade only
H: 74cm x D: 62cm
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