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Blu Peter

“Lost at sea” artefact on stand

“Lost at sea” artefact on stand

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The Belitung shipwreck, also called Batu Hitam shipwreck, was an ancient Arabian dhow discovered in 1998 just off the coast of Belitung Island, Indonesia. The ship is believed to have sunk around 830 A.D. on its journey back from China.

These exquisite bowls were salvaged relics from the shipwreck and they paint a picture of seaborne trade, lifestyles as well as craftsmanship in the Tang Dynasty.

Salvaged from the watery depths, the sunken treasures of a shipwreck lay underwater for hundreds of years before being found. This increadible artifact shows 7 ceramic dishes fused to coral.

H:  (Including Stand): 30cm
Artefact Size:  (Witout Stand) 20cm
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