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Blu Peter

Tuareg Bowl (Ivory Coast) on stand

Tuareg Bowl (Ivory Coast) on stand

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Tuareg bowls have been hand-carved from indigenous wood by women of the Tuareg people of Niger. The Tuareg are nomadic pastoralists and these light bowls help to transport food and meals easily. Tuareg bowls are often beautifully incised with intricate patterns perfected through incredible wood carving skills passed down generations. 

Authentic, vintage wooden bowls from global communities are increasingly rare to curate, making them perfect investment pieces. Each bowl would have been used to prepare and serve food or used for storage for many years, which in turn has created wonderful patina, wear and ageing of the wood. The bowls have been lovingly repaired with traditional techniques in keeping with their original authenticity. We love the artisanal restoration as it makes each bowl more special and unique to their final home. 

Style as a decorative statement piece or use as a soulful storage anywhere in the home.

H: 24 cm (Including Stand) x D: 31cm 

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