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Blu Peter

Wabi Sabi Terracotta pots /Planters

Wabi Sabi Terracotta pots /Planters

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Our Wabi Sabi Terracotta Pots and Planters embodies the Wabi-sabi Japanese aesthetic philosophy that emphasizes the beauty of imperfection, transience, and simplicity. It celebrates the natural cycle of growth and decay, and the uniqueness of objects that have been weathered by time and use. It is about finding beauty in the imperfect, incomplete, and asymmetrical aspects of life. Wabi-sabi is often associated with traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, where the simple beauty of a rustic tea bowl or a weathered wooden tray is appreciated and revered. 

Each pot is unique and sizes colour may vary between pieces.

Available in 3 Sizes
Approximate Size:
Medium: H: 52 cm x D: 40cm 
Large:  H: 68 cm x D:55cm
XLarge: H: 80cm x D: 60cm
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